Smoking From A Weed Pipe: How To Do It

When it comes to a tobacco pipe and a weed pipe, there aren’t too many differences. The material used to create the pipes is the major and most obvious difference. Most weed pipes are made with glass, while bowl pieces are used to make tobacco pipes.


Many marijuana pipes are created with wood, ceramic and bamboo, if you want them at a lower price you can buy wholesale pipes and bongs here. However, aluminium should not be used when creating these pipes. This is because this type of material can damage your lungs.

The Bowl Piece And The Carb

The bowl piece and the carb are the two most important parts of the weed pipe. The cannabis goes inside of the bowl piece, while the carb is a small hole located right next to the bowl piece. The carb’s function is to clear out the chamber as you use the pipe.


When you stop inhaling, you want to make sure the carb isn’t covered by your finger. You only want to keep it covered when you are inhaling. In general, the carb is on one side of the pipe.


There are a few weed pipes out there that don’t have carbs, but they will have a small hole that you use while you inhale. There are many methods you can use to smoke weed and this includes pipes, blunts, joints and so forth. If you want to smoke cannabis, then you might not be that familiar with other methods, which is why you should use a marijuana pipe.


Some of the best things about pipes are their prices, they are easy to use and they look good. However, do you know how to actually use one? If not, then continue to read on and we’ll give you a brief lesson.


First, load the bowl with your weed. The hole may be too big. If that’s the case, then use the plug, which is a nugget of weed that is loaded into the hole and then the ground herb is put right on top of it.


Second, place the pipe just outside of your mouth and cover the carb with your thumb. Next, suck in the air via the pipe after you have ran the flame (very carefully) over the herb. This will allow the pipe to gather smoke inside of it.


Next, you want to remove your finger from the carb. This releases the carb and it allows you to inhale the smoke. After you inhale, you exhale the smoke. Then you repeat the process again and again, but do make sure that every time you want to inhale, you hold and release the carb.


Two Mistakes Commonly Made When Smoking From A Pipe

Mistakes are going to be made, especially when you smoke weed via a pipe. Unfortunately, mistakes mean that you don’t get to enjoy the experience to its fullest. Beginners and first-timers are prone to making mistakes, but there are two common mistakes people often make. Those two mistakes are:


  1. Positioning Of The Lighter

One of the most common mistakes newbies make is holding the lighter to the bowl, which is actually not that efficient. When you smoke weed via a pipe, you want to properly position the lighter, which means place it over the bowl’s upper part as you inhale. Keep doing this until the flame is stable and doesn’t require you to keep the lighter lit.


When the above happens, the term used to describe it is cherried. If the flame is stable enough, then you won’t have to relight it. This means you can just keep on passing the pipe to the next person.


  1. Using Your Mouth To Exhale On The Pipe

Another mistake is exhaling while your mouth is on the pipe, as this will cause your weed to go all over the place. Your herb will be blown right away if you do this. If you want to ruin your entire experience very quickly, then make sure you do this, otherwise, avoid this mistake at all costs.


Smoking weed from a pipe is easy. Just make sure you keep the above in mind. By doing so, you’ll have no issues with using a pipe to smoke your weed.


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