If you have a pet, you’re lucky! The cuddles and love make it so worthwhile but medical needs are a different ball game altogether. How do you know if your pet needs you? Your pets will always be ready to please you and will never explicitly let you know they’re feeling under the weather. What are the tell-tale signs you need to look out for?


Difficulty Breathing

If your pet has difficulty breathing, definitely visit the vet. In case of increased breathing rate or increased heartbeat, rush your pet to the nearest pet healthcare facility. This can be caused by a number of factors like pneumonia, anemia, earthworm or even congestive heart failure. It’s really alarming and chances are that you may be in dispensed to help your pet.


Vomiting and diarrhea in pets are normal. They could’ve picked up spoiled food or maybe something just didn’t agree with their stomachs. However if your pet is lethargic, not greeting you and displays signs of pain, has pale gums, you’ll have to rush to the vet. Dan Robinson from explains that Cannabidiol is a natural way to relieve your pets’ pain. If the pain doesn’t subside then it could be something more serious like a dysfunctional gastrointestinal system, pancreas, and liver.


Pets will often cut themselves and bleed a little. It’s nothing to worry about. Apply some gauze to the wound and watch the bleeding. If it doesn’t subside within 3 minutes, and your pet is still bleeding then rush it to the vet. It could be a traumatic injury and require treatment. It could even be abnormal clotting or some other systemic disease. Ask the vet to run a few conclusive tests before you decide on the line of treatment.

If your pet is experiencing any severe symptoms like seizures and paralysis, rush them to the vet. It is vital to understand that your pet’s medical needs are not very different from yours. Some symptoms are normal but if they persist or get worse with time, it’s important to visit the vet.

Many owners claim that certain foods don’t suit their pets. Just like us, every pet’s constitution is different. Observe very carefully what they can ingest without hassle. You may even have to poke through their feces to see if it’s normal.

A pet’s responsibility is solely yours. They are pet animals and do not know how to survive by themselves. It is completely your responsibility to take care of them and understand them. Their entire lives they are like your babies who can’t talk and you have to decipher whatever they are trying to convey.

It is helpful if you do a little research into the kind of pet that suits you. Every animal has different needs, even their breeds have different needs. Never get a pet on a whim lest you regret your decision. Factor in an estimate of your available finances and get a pet whose vet bills and grooming you can afford.