Coffee shop of Barcelona as Social Cannabis Clubs: Fact and reality

The coffee shop of Barcelona as Social Cannabis Clubs: Fact and reality

Some Barcelona Coffeeshops is a private social club. Each person who wishes to come must request an invitation. We respond immediately so you can come today if you want. If you come with someone, you must also request an invitation and complete the full membership record. We do not make exceptions.

For the registration of membership, you must bring an ID issued by your country and pay € 20 per person. Weed BCN- Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona may be the club you’ve been looking for, and you, the member we’ve been waiting for. Membership registration is very easy, but do not come without an invitation.

To request an invitation, fill out the form on our website or send us a private message on Facebook. Everything you need to know will be sent to you in the invitation, please save more questions for when you come to the club.

Cannabis Club Barcelona: Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona and Spain are private entities and are based on a non-profit organization.

Monetary donations made by the same members allow the Cannabis Club to provide inflorescence of marijuana and other products that can be consumed in the facility.

To join a Weed BCN- Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona you need to follow a registration process, that can not be done if the applicant does not have an official invitation.

Anyone who shows up at the door of a Weed BCN without this mandatory requirement, it will not be welcome


Not profitability

The Cannabis Social Clubs of Barcelona is a non-profit association whose objective is to generate legal jobs and produce goods and services in a taxable manner.

Open dialogue with the authorities.

Cannabis Club Barcelona operates in accordance with the legal, political and cultural standards of the country in which it is established.

Oriented to public health.

A Cannabis Social Club provides information on the safe and responsible use of cannabis and provides members with objective information about the use of marijuana.


The Cannabis Club Barcelona Associations have legally registered associations and keep a record of their annual activities, easily accessible to club members or authorities.

The offer follows the demand.

Cannabis Social Clubs only use cultivation methods to satisfy the demand of the members, and not on the contrary, the Social Club of Cannabis?

A Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona is a marijuana dispensary that can only be accessed by its members: many people mistakenly link the cafeterias of Amsterdam with a Social Club of Cannabis in Barcelona. The main difference between the two systems is that a Cannabis Club is based on a non-profit organization, and only registered members can access it. The Amsterdam coffee shops, on the other hand, openly sell cannabis to the public.


In the next section, I am talking about the characteristics of these two concepts of Cannabis Social Club

Weed BCN- Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona can provide cannabis products to members thanks to monetary donations from the same member. In the same way, the maintenance and installation costs of the installation are covered. Each club differs in terms of availability and quality of dispensaries, some of them may have a long list of marijuana strains, hashish, edibles and extracts available to their members, while others may not have many options. Many clubs have entertainment centres, live music and organize music events or informational meetings exclusively for their members.

It is common to have access to a small bar with coffee, water and drinks, and sometimes sandwiches

The Atmosphere of a Weed BCN is, after all, what members appreciate most. Or, if someone is in a club for therapeutic or recreational purposes, you will find a pleasant environment, where it is a pleasure to socialize with other members. In general, people over 21 or 18 years old, according to the club, can access the Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona with an invitation from a member already registered in the club. The registration process requires the new member to show personal information with a valid identity document. In addition, some social clubs require that you take a photograph and store it.


Coffee shop Vs Cannabis Club

Many people mistakenly refer to the Weed BCN- Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona as “Cafes” because of the analogy with the well-known recreational cannabis cafes in Amsterdam. These realities are two of the few existing in Europe and, nevertheless, the best known in the world, in addition to the American medical and recreational dispensary system.

Here we will list objective considerations about the general characteristics of the coffee shop and social cannabis clubs.

Note that it is impossible to define an absolute evaluation of the two. The following is just a general description and we want to emphasize that the activity of each entity differs from each other.

Quality and availability of marijuana in Amsterdam and Barcelona.


Due to the fact that access to Amsterdam coffee shops is quick and easy, it is common for someone looking for a particular variety or product to go and find it in a particular store. The quality of cannabis in Amsterdam is of a high level, even if the strong commercialization can end sometimes with high shelf prices and in a not very fresh product or, worse, over drying.

In spite of the fact that, in general, the customers of the cafeteria are satisfied by the easy availability and the possibility of discovering each cafeteria without having to become a member, simply by entering.


The Cannabis designated for distribution among the members of a private club is made by the member’s own hands. This is the reason why Cannabis Social Clubs offer a product from a romantic point of view that can be considered “grown with love”. The fact that Barcelona Cannabic World is not marketed as the well-known Dutch model, allows Weed BCN members to find fresh products.

Environment and Atmosphere


Everyone who visited a coffee shop in the city centre can say that it looks like a normal store, where everyone can enter and buy something. The fact that these places are a strong tourist attraction leads to a large influx at any time of the day. Sometimes, they can be really packaged and trafficked, but even so, they are an excellent way to consume cannabis and meet people in a characteristic place.


The Cannabis Social Clubs have a more privacy-oriented approach with members, who are not clients, but associates. No one can enter and become a member, there is a procedure to be followed to be accepted and clubs do not always have the possibility to accept new members, for several different reasons. Members of the same club are more likely to socialize and talk to each other than customers of a café in Amsterdam. Weed BCN can become perfect friends where “make friends”.


The new norm, also received positively by the Federation of Cannabis Social Clubs in Catalonia, contemplates a series of rules that must be respected for clubs with the aim of avoiding social problems, providing information on substances to members and limiting the phenomenon of tourism of cannabis, which in recent years have reached remarkable proportions in Catalan territory. The rule consists of several recommendations that each cannabis dispensary must respect. Briefly:

A Cannabis Social Club is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to reduce the health and social risks inherent in the black market, by producing different varieties of high-quality cannabis without contaminants and distributing them exclusively among its members within the Association.

Where to find a cannabis club near me The best cannabis clubs in Barcelona: Barcelona has more than 200 cannabis clubs that operate in the city. However, only about 20 clubs are worth a visit. You do not need intermediaries to join cannabis clubs in Barcelona. In fact, you can contact them directly and follow the instructions. That is, you can complete the ‘contact form’ on your website or you can also contact them on your Facebook page.

The most common response for a cannabis club making new members is: “Please show this message at the front desk and bring your ID to identify yourself as a legal adult (age). We can not answer any more questions until we are face to face. face in the club. ”

For a closed cannabis club for new members, they usually respond: “Thank you for your interest in our organization, we are not making new members at this time, we will get in touch with you when we re-open for new members, sorry for the inconvenience.” Cannabis clubs can stop taking new members at any time, so do not contact them weeks in advance. If you want to know what cannabis clubs are available to visit at this time, click on the bottom below and follow the instructions. If you do this, you do not need to directly contact each cannabis club.

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