Characteristics of the Best CBD Oil for Back Pain Relief

When it comes to combatting localized pain, few topical treatments offer the benefits of CBD oil for back pain relief.

However, when it comes to choosing the right Cannabidiol products for your back pain, not all CBD hemp oil creams are alike. CBD’s increase in popularity has been coupled by an increase in manufacturers, some with less-then-reputable intentions and equally untrustworthy ingredients.

Even among the high-quality CBD cream manufacturers, different products contain different combinations and concentrations of substances that significantly affect their effectiveness for your specific back pain issues.

This is why it is essential that you know precisely how CBD functions and what characteristics to look for in a CBD oil cream before you choose to buy CBD oil online. The following tips and tricks can help you know just what to look for to find the best CBD oil for back pain relief.

CBD Oil and back pain

CBD hemp oil creams are an excellent, natural method of pain relief that allows acute and chronic back pain sufferers to target the source of their pain. It just makes sense: rather than consuming a pill for general, full-body relief, topical creams are applied directly to the area to address the issue. After all, why treat the entire body when only one area requires medication?

Unlike opioid-based pain relief medications, CBD oil creams are also non-habit forming and, when used correctly, represent absolutely no side effects for the user.

Characteristics to look for in your CBD hemp oil cream

When considering different products that contain CBD oil for pain management, keep an eye out for the following.

  1. Check the sources

Various manufacturers have begun to take advantage of the high demand for hemp cream to produce and flood the market with products that are poor-quality, including products with unethically-sourced CBD.

The CBD chemical compound can be extracted from both the marijuana and the hemp plant. However, sourcing CBD from the hemp plant, which only contains .03% THC – an amount that is not substantial enough to produce psychoactive effects in anyone – is the best (and according to U.S. federal law, the most legal) way to ensure that a product contains 100% pure CBD oil.

However, the demand for CBD hemp cream has prompted some producers to extract the minimal amount of CBD found in marijuana plants to produce creams and oils. These products are much more likely to contain higher amounts of THC.

Your CBD hemp oil cream should never contain more than .03% THC unless it is marketed as a combination of CBD and THC cream. Any high-quality manufacturer will list its CBD oil source on the product, and you should always check to ensure that you are receiving exactly what you paid for.

  1. Is it decarboxylated?    

While purchasing your CBD oil for back pain relief, make sure that it is decarboxylated. In simpler terms, this means that the carboxyl group has been removed by applying heat to the hemp flowers for an extended period.

This process releases an otherwise inactive compound called CBDA that provides a wide range of benefits for pain relief.

Hemp creams that are not decarboxylated are usually sold for lower prices because the product is less efficient. While the lower price may be tempting, it is money wasted, as you will likely not get the pain-relieving benefits that you are paying for.

  1. Look for carbon dioxide extracted CBD

To extract CBD oil from a hemp plant, a solvent is passed through it. This isolates and pulls the chemical compound from the plant. The solvent is then removed from the resulting mixture and only the concentrated CBD oil remains.

Using superficial C02 as the solvent in the CBD oil extraction process is the safest, most sustainable, and most reliable way method of obtaining CBD oil. Unlike other chemical solvents that are used, such as butane, hexane, and acetone, it C02 is non-toxic, non-flammable, and it does not linger in the extracted oil.

The takeaway

One of the most important aspects of choosing the right CBD oil for back pain relief is never to choose a product based solely on its price.

Take your time to do the research and check the labels on any potential CBD oil creams that you buy online to ensure you are receiving the highest cost-benefit for your purchase.

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