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CBD Oil Invasion: Facial Oils, Masks, Topicals, And Hair Products

Whenever we listen to the word CBD, it projects an image of illegal drugs and marijuana in our minds. But it is not the actual truth. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a phytocannabinoid used in several purposes all over the states. The oil extracted from CBD is very useful for human health and it […]

Medical cannabis

Weighted Blankets for Distressed Adults

The Oxford dictionary defines distress as “sorrow,” or “suffering,” or “pain,” or “extreme anxiety.” A lot of physiological and environmental factors may trigger distress. Some causes of distress include losing a loved one or enrolling in a new school or mental illness with chronic distress symptoms. Like anxiety, distress affects the body but can come […]

Medical cannabis, Medical marijuana, medical marijuana seeds for pain

Medical Marijuana – The Legal Facts

Before prescribing or using medical marijuana in any state where it is legal. Both physicians and patients must be aware of, and familiar with, United States federal law (Schedule I). Each US state and territory has its laws. When it comes to marijuana and its medical usage. In places like Pennsylvania, medical marijuana use is […]